QT Wellington-recently opened by Jason Lu

Indyk Architects has been converting the  already quirky Museum Art Hotel in Wellington to the new QT Museum Hotel. 

Artist Gabrielle O'Connor,commissioned by Indyk Architects, has installed a wonderful construction in dyed paper and plastic_ within  a display cabinet on the level 1 lift lobby_

Iceberg in a cabinet !



BEGG LANE STUDIO MURAL has been submitted in Dulux Colour awards March 2017.

Artist _Claudia Damichi

Painters_Paintsmiths commissioned by Indyk Architects 

Brett Boardman has completed a photo shoot last week-we wait to see Dulux's shortlist



QT Melbourne - Indyk Architects second QT hotel will open on September 5. Indyk have created the 188 guest rooms and hallways and the 15 Apartments within the hotel. Working in collaboration with the master Architects Candalepas and Associates and Nic Graham on interior of public spaces.

NEW MURAL by Jason Lu

Shelley Indyk has commissioned and collaborated with Claudia Damichi -artist- on the mural for Begg lane studio. Mural was painted on external walls during August-September 2016 by Paintsmiths and Claudia Damichi. The mural wraps the studio building and palm tree courtyard in patterning bands of colour: Dulux Fluffy Duckling, Dulux Antactic Deep, Dulux Apeland with the background wall colour in Dulux Mouse Catcher….as we write…

WE WELCOME by Jason Lu

SILVIA 01.jpg

Silvia Baro - architect from Padova Italy who joins Indyk Architect team.

louise 03.jpg

Louise Eddie graduate architect from Newcastle University who joins Indyk Architect team.