Indyk Architects design process varies, depending on the scale of the project and thus the intimacy of the process.

All bespoke house projects start with sketching of place and context and concepts... Massing models are created within the 3D CAD program of Archicad and ideas are tested through the CAD program.

The 3D modelling process is very through and allows us to create a model with finishes and qualitative input, that we can walk through and take the client through - viewing all spaces of the proposed house or project. Concerns can be considered and options explored and so an informed process of collaboration can occur.


Balsa and cardboard models are sometimes made for the bespoke house projects, at various stages, depending again on scale, to explore ideas of form and structure.

Fit out projects are fully modelled also, and here the use of scanned materials and finishes add to the realistic modelling, making the project come alive for client and architects involved.