Reopening Mid October 2016 as QT Museum Hotel Wellington
Photo shoot coming soon

The Museum Art Hotel is a well loved hotel of Wellington New Zealand. Best known for its extraordinary collage of NZ artworks; eccentric sculptures; wonderful italian motorbikes all framed by gothic carpet and distorting mirrors. The hotel building was actually moved on railway sleepers from the present harbour site of Te Papa museum to its present location on the corner of Tory and Cable street.

Events Entertainment procured the hotel and Indyk Architects is in the process of transforming it quirkily into a QT Hotel. Not wanting to lose the eccentricity of the place most artworks and sculptures are retained. Finishes are changing and all harbour front rooms followed by the remainder rooms will be newly fitted out with Indyk Architects designed items. Plans have also been submitted to transform the existing carpark into a new Carpark Bar.

Return to this page to see the Museum Art Hotel transforming into a QT Museum Hotel.