AHC - Aboriginal Housing Redfern - 3 New Houses
Completed in 1993

Jan Felton and Shelley Indyk worked as consultants to The AHC from 1988-1993. During that time several projects were initiated, documented and submitted to various government bodies and NGO's in an effort to resolve some fundamental housing issues on the Block in Redfern.

The three new houses were one of the few projects constructed. The architects were requested to design solid maintenance free buildings. Felton and Indyk wanted to create an inherent beauty, that was so called 'indestructible',  and would relate to a 'sense of place' and cultural background.The polished face granite concrete blocks allowed a patterning to openings and parapet details that at the time seemed relevant.

The houses were planned with the flexibility to become one large communal house or be three separate houses with either a shared rear yard or individual yards. These houses were demolished around the first decade of 2000, with the intention and proposal to rebuild the entire Block for a mixed housing and commercial development. This is currently still being resolved today. 

Aboriginal Housing Company

BA+DA approved / Construction documentation and site works completed
Jan Felton
Shelley Indyk

Structure: Arup
QS: Bailey and Davis - Bruce Davis

Olles Constructions