Rehabilitation Community Bungalow 2006 (unbuilt)


In 2006, Indyk Architects was one of six architectural companies to be invited to design a new Drug and Rehabilitation residential community, for the existing community, to be relocated on open land near Bangalow.

Our generative principle, inspired by the landscape of the site, and the philosophy of the Buttery, evolved from the concept of ‘bridging’ between two worlds.

The Bridge is symbolic of a crossing. It both connects and separates. It allows the individual to cross into a community that is separate and supportive.
It connects the outside visitor to the community.
It connects the administration to the community facilities.
In this landscape, the creek and river bed valley separated the entry landform from the main hill of the site. A bridge, incorporating a screened platform, allowed the linking of the two sides, creating a protected garden beneath and an active recreation area infront.

Added to this principle are the components of:

  1. the wall of red stabilised local earth, defines the back wall of the building forms and supports the buildings, and is used in its thickness, and protects the spaces it defines.
  2. the solid platform of concrete, for passive solar gain and durability-the base floor of all buildings.
  3. the floating platform of hardwood timber structure, lightweight and elevated for termite protection, and insulated for energy efficiency.
  4. the screen in mesh, for mosquito proofing; in timber for sunshading and privacy
  5. cantilevered eaves as an extension of the roof, creating lofty, high covered spaces
  6. the protected garden, as a haven and retreat
  7. breezeways which will allow for cross ventilation and a space between spaces.

The overall design is underlined by sustainable principles. The community will live on the land and will be supported by the land. The houses will be orientated with a northerly aspect, using passive and active solar principles, and utilising the slope of the land to allow for rainwater tanks below floor level. Water recycling will be undertaken communally.